Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a minimum amount of services in order to book you?

Yes, we require a minimum of 4 services (hair OR makeup) in order to book that date. 

Do you provide makeup and hair services for large parties?

Yes, we provide makeup and hair services for large parties.

Can I get a trial first and then book you?

We recommend to book us first and then place a trial. You can schedule a trial prior to booking but the trial appointment doesn’t lock your date and time. We are a first come - first serve company. Kindly ask to understand that if you will be waiting for your trial and someone else will be willing to book us by signing the contract and placing a deposit on the same date as your wedding day - we would have to cancel your trial.  

Do you offer trials and where do they take place?

Yes, we do offer trials! We can travel to your location for your convenience

Do I need to pay extra for a trial?

The bridal hair and makeup trial fee is $390. To lock the date for makeup and hair there is a $100 deposit and the rest is paid after the trial takes place. Please, note that the appointment for the hair/makeup trial will allow you to try only one hairstyle/one makeup look and takes up to 2.5-3 hours.

When is a good time to do a bridal trial?

We recommend to do it 3-4 months to your wedding date, yet schedule it ahead to make sure we can accommodate the date, don’t leave it for the last month.

Can mothers of the bride or groom have a trial too?

Bridal trials are exclusively for brides only so we are not able to offer trials to other members of the bridal party due to our busy schedules brides are our priorities. 

Can I make changes to my booking after paying the deposit?

Yes, you can. You may add additional services but you can not remove or cancel services 2 months to the wedding as per our contract policy. 

How much time will it take for you to do everyone’s hair and makeup on the wedding day? 

Usually, we allocate up to 2 hours for the bride per service and 50 minutes for everyone else per service. 

If members in your bridal party need to have hair extensions applied, we will add extra 30 minutes per person

Do you do individual lashes?

Yes, we do individual lashes as well as strip lashes.

Do you do airbrush?

Yes, we do airbrush at no additional cost

Do you work with every skin type, ethnicity, and eye shape?

Yes, our artists are prepared and well trained to work with different skin complexions.

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